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Who We Are.

Compassion United has been serving the poor, homeless, youth, addicted and afflicted of Montgomery County since 2006. Through outreach, relief and empowerment initiatives, we have seen hundreds of people come out of homelessness and find a new and abundant life. To find out more, click on “About Us.” To see what each of our individual ministries does, click on the links on the left or the “Ministries” link above.

We are looking forward to changing the world with you!

Urgent Needs…

Coming Soon from Compassion United
“Miracle City”

“Miracle City”

It is Compassion United’s goal to provide an innovative, comprehensive, “whole-person” transformation complex that provides much needed resources in Conroe that benefit both the homeless community and the city at large. Miracle City will be a master planned community to both support people transitioning out of homelessness and to provide long-term supportive housing options for those requiring financial, emotional, and community support for an extended duration. Additionally, Miracle City will offer “empowerment initiatives” such as vocational training and jobs in our marketplace that will provide skills, income, and self- confidence to those in our program.

The Impact

This project will serve to impact not only the homeless community, but the city as a whole on several levels.

  1. Offer a greater availability of services, while changing the “traffic patterns” of the homeless- One of the consistent challenges faced in the ten years of operation in downtown Conroe has been to offer the services needed while working to minimize the negative impact that the homeless have had on the other businesses in that area. As a result, the hours of operation had to be reduced to just 3 hours per day. By relocating outside of downtown, Compassion United will be able to keep longer hours and offer more services such as laundry, showers and transportation. In addition to these services, we will also be able to offer case management, teach life skills, and offer assistance with job searches. Our belief is that this will ultimately change the traffic patterns of the homeless and avoid misunderstandings and altercations with area business owners and the patrons of those businesses.
  2. Create healthy and positive interaction with the homeless – One of the goals of Miracle City is to change the perception that many have of the homeless. By operating commercial endeavors such as, a community market, an outdoor theater and a food truck court, we will invite the community to come to the campus, have a positive experience, while empowering the homeless population.
  3. Help More people – When all phases of the project have been completed, Miracle City will provide transitional and long-term supportive housing for 92 people. This is nearly five times as many people as we are able to house, currently.