Contact Us

Thanks for contacting Compasion United. It is important to us that you are directed to the right person to answer all of your questions. Below is a list of ministries and the person in charge of that ministry.

Phone: 936-274-3799

Breakfast in the Park/Fundraising and Event Coordination
Savannah Cordell – Extension 701

Resource Room (Clothing Donation or volunteer)
Terri Watt – Extension 702

The Conroe House of Prayer
Justin Sweeten – Extension 704

Freedom House
Jerry Gay- Extension 703

Eve Joy – Extension 705

Hosanna House
Terri Watt – Extension 702

Katie Yagelski – Extension 706
Luke Yagelski – Extension 713

Karie Cornelius – Extension 700

Executive Assistant
Kari Estes – Extension 717

Facilities and Food Pantry

Paul Collom – Extension 716

Luke Redus – Extension 708


Outreach, Relief, Empowerment.