HOSANNAHouse is a transitional home for women who find themselves in unsafe or unstable living conditions. Here they can cultivate spiritual growth, learn personal responsibility and develop skills necessary to achieve independence and success in life. HOSANNAHouse is not a shelter but rather a 6-12 month individualized program that teaches and empowers women to make healthy choices that will lead them out of their current situation and into one of success and purpose.

At HOSANNAHouse, we have created a structured environment that meets the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the residents as well as teaching life skills that will be required when the women exit the program. There is an intense relational component to their healing, as well as engagement in all of the classes offered by the Fresh Start program.

  • Addiction Recovery – Residents will be referred to area recovery resource programs that allow them to discover and heal the root cause of their addiction and enable them to continue with their sobriety.
  • Biblical Studies – Residents attend the CHOP, area churches and participate in Bible studies in the home that will help them cultivate their walk with God.
  • Life Skills – Our empowerment class program, called Fresh Start University or FSU, holds weekly classes that teach a variety of life skills. Classes such as resume writing, communication, budgeting, boundaries, conflict resolution, how to fill out a job application and more, gives residents the knowledge they need to successfully navigate life.
  • Identity Recognition – All the components of the program support , demonstrate and teach the idea of who we are in Christ. When we know who we are we will think, speak, act, love, serve and grow to be more like Him. Knowing who we are translates into a healthy, whole person who finds value and purpose for their life.

HOSANNAHouse is in continual need of resources, volunteers, funding and, of course, prayer. It costs money to run a women’s program. Funds for the light bill, rent, unexpected repairs, transportation expenses, teaching materials and more enable us to meet the resident’s basic needs until she is able to do so herself. We also desire that each resident have her own personal one-on-one mentor. Someone who will walk beside their resident with encouragement, accountability, friendship and prayer. Go to our contact page to learn more, it’s really not as daunting as it sounds and the rewards are outstanding! To financially contribute to the women of HOSANNAHouse you can donate here…and thank you!