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The JoyHouse is a home set up to provide shelter and support during crisis pregnancies, making it easy for mothers to choose life instead of abortion for their babies.

We are less than a month away from the launch of the new JoyHouse and we are thrilled about the progress we are making toward that goal. A huge “Thank You” to Mike and Genelle Coffey with Intex Flooring for replacing all of the carpet upstairs. Also, the amazing folks from The Woodlands United Methodist Church came out and cleared, cleaned, landscaped, and built tables and fences last Saturday and the place looks AMAZING! It is so encouraging to see how the community is coming together to help create this safe place for women and their children in times of crisis!

There is still so much that needs to happen before we can open the doors. From furnishing to staffing to permitting… This is a huge undertaking and we have an aggressive timeline. The biggest setback we have right now is a lack of resources. Because of the many complications when accepting used furniture for a facility this size (Coordination, potential infestations, allergies…etc) it is our desire to open the doors with new furniture. Below, we have listed each room in the house and an amount that it is going to cost to furnish/resource that room. Would your family, church, club, or business like to sponsor a room? It is easy. Just select a room below, complete the transaction, and we will contact you about what name is supposed to appear on the plaque commemorating your commitment. If you wish to help in another way, there is a link marked “Misc.” This will allow us to buy household items such as lightbulbs and outlet covers. Additionally, we will use this fund to have utilities transferred and pay for all of the associated deposits. Lastly, we will have to have a fire protection system. This is going to be quite costly but is a necessary expense to assure the safety of the residents and to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.We really need your help with this so that we can get started right away.
Here is the list. Just click on the room you wish to sponsor.

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A Message from Eva Joy

I had an abortion when I was 16 years old. I did not realize then that the choice was mine: life or death. I knew it was wrong, but I silently went through with it. It was the worst experience of my entire life. Even though I was drugged, I was aware of every stage of the procedure. I would wake up for a minute or two during the different stages of the abortion.

Later in life after giving birth to twins and then my third child, I knew the truth. I carried the guilt and shame of the abortion with me every step of the way. Abortion changed and shaped me. I hated myself for destroying my own child. I knew that my baby was a girl, and I knew that she would have been slightly older than my other children.

I want every young woman who is facing this decision to be empowered with facts and to have resources available to help her choose life for her unborn child. I want to provide the support she needs to be able to make wise decisions at this vulnerable time in her life.

Outreach, Relief, Empowerment.