Meet Our Team

Compassion United operates on a different model than many other non-profits. We have very little paid staff. We do, however, have many full-time leaders.  Compassion United is run mostly by volunteers. What this means is that nobody gets a salary. Many of us have quit jobs and changed direction in our lives to complete the work that God has called all his people to. The people below are a close-knit group of men and women who desired to meet a need in the community with whatever they had.

You may notice that for some of the people below, you have the option to “offer financial support.” When you see that option, that means that they do not get paid to do what they do. The only income they receive is that which is designated through your specific giving. Would you consider blessing some of our workers?* If so, click here to be directed to our Giving Portal. Then, you can select whom you would like to support.

To find out more about our staff, click on the pictures below.

Luke and Karla Redus

Founders of Compassion United

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Luke and Karla Redus are parents to three wonderful men of God: Daniel, Noah, and Caleb. They live in Willis, TX. In the past, Karla worked as a teacher, and now homeschools their two youngest sons. Luke, a former IT manager, now maintains and coordinates many aspects of the ministry.

In 2006, their journey began with a cooler, a bunch of breakfast tacos, and the family’s vehicle. They drove around the city of Conroe, passing out breakfast and ministering to the homeless. Since then, Compassion United has grown to become one of the most effective and thriving homeless ministries in Montgomery County.

Luke and Karla desire to see the community united with one another, and united with their Father, both through God’s unfailing love. They have led and discipled many men and women and seen them grow in their God-defined destinies.

Both share hearts for deep relationships with those that they serve, and both present the heart of God through all that they do. They desire to see the Kingdom grow and manifest on Earth, through God’s people.

Daniel Freeman

Freedom House Coordinator

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Daniel is a recent graduate of the Freedom House program. Although he was succeeding in his new life with God’s blessing and favor, his heart longed of the success of the men of Freedom House. Daniel has returned as the Freedom House Coordinator to fulfill his hearts desire to disciple, empower and release mighty men of God into our community.

Eva Joy

Founder and Director of The JoyHouse

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Eva Joy has gained much experience through a lifetime of travels and ministering to the needs of others. Whether assisting the children in the orphanages of Mexico or helping to tend to the needs of the families in Kanungu, Uganda, Eva has always enjoyed giving back and making a difference. It was after returning from her second trip to Kanungu, that the Lord spoke clearly that the time was now, to open the JoyHouse. Eva has a heart for the unborn and their mothers. Whether they decide to raise their sweet babies or bless another family through adoption, she has dedicated her life to be supportive and walk with them through this journey. She has opened her home to minister to the needs of young women while they are pregnant and preparing for the arrival of their babies through the establishment of The JoyHouse.

Terri Watt

Resource Pantry Coordinator

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Terri Watt is a mother to eight awesome kids. She began volunteering at the Conroe House of Prayer organizing the resource pantry upstairs, giving clothes and toiletry items to those who needed them. Since then, the resource pantry has grown exponentially and God has birthed community through Terri’s work there. He has given her revelation of the impact this simple need can have on the lives of those who are without clothes for job interviews, or blankets and coats during the cold weather. To her, it goes beyond clothes and shampoo. It fills a need of the heart.

Terri desires to see the people at the Conroe House of Prayer come to their true potential. She has a heart to help them find jobs, homes, and help their hearts to grow into all truth. She has discipled many men and women at the Conroe House of Prayer through being a part of their every day lives.

Luke & Katie Yagelski

DestinyKIDS Pastor & Director

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Katie is one of Terri Watt’s awesome daughters. She attended Ellerslie Training & Christian Discipleship School in Colorado in 2012. She began her involvement with Compassion United through her mother, and eventually discovered a need for a children’s ministry in Dugan, one of the poorest parts of Montgomery County. She and her husband Luke now meet with these kids twice a week for services and also take them out doing fun things throughout the week. They have a heart to see this area of town transformed for God through its youngest voices.

Savannah Cordell

Fundraiser & Event Coordinator

In the summer of 2011 Savannah stumbled across the ministry of Compassion United after being asked by a youth pastor at her home church if she could assist with an outreach project their youth were participating in with a local ministry. She immediately fell in love with the ministry and has been serving with us since. Currently, Savannah coordinates outreach events such as Breakfast at Lewis Park, Saturday nights at The Conroe House of Prayer, and various fundraising efforts on the ministry's behalf. With a background in business and a passion for event planning, Savannah's desire is to continue to use the talents God has blessed her with to help further expand volunteer opportunities and funding for Compassion United.

Amber Taylor

Fresh Start Program Director

Amber has served in various church and ministry capacities. Her focus has been on mentoring hurting people. When she heard about the upcoming launch of Fresh Start, she knew the vision of this ministry matched the vision in her heart as well. Amber has the desire to walk in supportive relationship with struggling members of our community. She wants to see them experience freedom from their past and empower them to lead healthy, productive and prosperous lives.

Jon Taylor

Director - Conroe House of Prayer

Jonathan Taylor began leading worship at the Conroe House of Prayer in the summer of 2007. Once Luke and Karla became leaders at the CHOP it wasn’t long before Jonathan knew that he and Compassion United were a perfect match for each other. He continued leading worship periodically at the CHOP and participating in various outreach programs through Compassion United until January 2018 when he became the Director of the Conroe House of Prayer. He has a heart for worship and the ministry of the Word. His desire is to see people’s lives transformed through the revelation of the truth about God’s acceptance and love for them, and their identity in Christ. He strives to empower them to make the necessary decisions and changes that would result in an abundant life.
*Financial support for our staff  is received as “suggested” but not “restricted.” Support received for missionaries can, at the discretion of Compassion United leadership, can be reallocated to support other areas of need. In the event that this should ever happen, the donor would be notified. Should the donor decide that the money not be reallocated, that support would not be tax-deductible since “restricted funds” are excluded from what can be deducted based on IRS code.