Volunteer Opportunities

Hosanna House, our women’s transitional home is looking for one or several volunteers to help out at the house. There is a need at this time for someone to be present at the home for 6 – 7 hours a day from approximately 1:00 – 8:00 PM Monday – Friday. You would be welcome to sign up for all of these hours or only a few…whatever fits your schedule. Duties would include:

  1. Helping the residents be accountable for daily and weekly chores
  2. Being available to new residents as they acclimate into the program
  3. Doing the weekly grocery shopping.
  4. Assisting in dinner preparations if needed.
  5. Assisting residents with computer work such as filling out job applications or emailing agency to obtain personal records, applying for GED or college classes and more.
  6. Driving residents to & from work, Dr. appointments, job interviews etc. All driving would be in the Montgomery County area.
  7. Drinking coffee, playing games, singing karaoke, crafting or any interactive fun thing you would like to do.


Hosanna House women need a structured, safe environment in order to grow into the women God intended them to be. Many of the residents have a hard time with structure and daily rhythms. They are often in survival or fight/flight mode and thinking through things like taking out the hamburger meat ahead of time, or doing a little bit of homework each night instead of pulling an all-nighter is often foreign to their thinking. Having a safe, calm, consistent friend to help prompt some of these ideas will go a long way toward helping them establish life long habits that will benefit them in many ways.

AND it’s FUN. The Hosanna House residents are brave, caring, women who just need someone to walk alongside them in this journey. That someone could be you?! Interested or have questions? Contact Terri Watt terri.watt@compassionunited.us 936-648-7715