A Community of Transformation 

In 2017, Compassion United’s founders, Luke and Karla Redus, and their leadership team, met to brainstorm ideas of a master-planned community that would support people transitioning out of homelessness, poverty and addiction. They knew that they were going to have to dream bigger than ever before.

Months later, Luke heard God speak the words “Miracle City” to him, and the dream grew stronger than ever! Along the way, God has continued to bless the idea by placing committed volunteers, partners and community leaders along their path that have caught the vision. In February 2019, Conroe’s city council voted unanimously to convey five acres of land to Compassion United to see this dream become a reality.

Now in the planning phase, once complete, Miracle City will be an innovative, whole-person transformation community consisting of transitional and supportive, short and long-term housing with built-in support services and empowerment opportunities for people needing spiritual, emotional and occupational guidance. It will be a community where people can live and work in a graced-based, inspiring environment to develop emotional maturity, life skills and work experience as they discover abundant life.

 Family of Programs 

Compassion United is a collection of nine unique outreach and support programs that share a united vision to holistically empower and equip the homeless, poor and addicted to discover a new life that will restore their hope and transform their future.

Breakfast in the Park

Outreach Program Serving Food to the Poor & Homeless

Conroe House of Prayer

Multi-Purpose Facility Hosting Church Services for the Poor & Homeless

Destiny Kids

Outreach Program for At-Risk Youth

Freedom House

Men’s Transition Home

Fresh Start

Empowerment Program for People Transitioning Out of Homelessness & Addiction

Hosanna House

Women’s Transition Home


Home for Women in Crisis Pregnancy

Terry’s Table Food Pantry

Food & Resource Distribution to People in Need

Tia’s Story

After my parents passed away within 18 months of each other, my family fell apart. Several years later, I found myself pregnant. The baby’s father told me to have an abortion, or he would not support me in any way. A friend helped connect me to The Joy House, and within three days, I was moved in and given all the help and support I needed. In January of 2012, my daughter, Miabella, was born. Back then, the future did not look so bright. I honestly would have never dreamed of being where I am today, working full time, supporting my family and raising an amazing daughter.