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 We’re All in it Together 

Compassion United is a collection of unique outreach and support programs that share a united vision to holistically empower and equip the homeless, impoverished and addicted to discover a new life that will restore their hope and transform their future.

Breakfast in the Park

Outreach Program Serving Food to the Poor & Homeless

Conroe House of Prayer

Multi-Purpose Facility Hosting Church Services for the Poor & Homeless

Destiny Kids

Outreach Program for At-Risk Youth

Freedom House

Men’s Transition Home

Fresh Start

Empowerment Program for People Transitioning Out of Homelessness & Addiction

Hosanna House

Women’s Transition Home


Home for Women in Crisis Pregnancy

Terry’s Tables Food Pantry

Food & Resource Distribution to People in Need

Tia’s Story

After my parents passed away within 18 months of each other, my family fell apart. Several years later, I found myself pregnant. The baby’s father told me to have an abortion, or he would not support me in any way. A friend helped connect me to The Joy House, and within three days, I was moved in and given all the help and support I needed. In January of 2012, my daughter, Miabella, was born. Back then, the future did not look so bright. I honestly would have never dreamed of being where I am today, working full time, supporting my family and raising an amazing daughter.