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Our Fresh Start program works in partnership with our transition homes to empower residents to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially and practically. The program provides clothing and equips residents with tools to overcome obstacles, destructive mindsets and unhealthy habits to develop a stable foundation and a sustainable future.

These practical tools are taught in life-skills classes through Fresh Start University, then reinforced by our entire team and the resident’s one-on-one mentoring relationships. We build strong relationships with our residents to help them connect with God, experience community, discover their purpose and make a difference in the world.

The work of Fresh Start is a team effort! We would love to have you be part of the team if you find yourself interested in mentoring those in need.


We are in continual need of prayer, volunteers and donations to fund things like:

Teaching materials
Transportation expenses
Unexpected repairs

Ashley's Story

After a back injury, I was prescribed pain killers to help me cope with my symptoms. It didn’t take long for the prescription to be insufficient for my pain, and within a few years of buying pills off the street, I found myself on the downward spiral of drug use, which cost me my job, my house and nearly all my possessions. Exhausted from life and with nothing left to give, I applied to Freedom House, and miraculously, I was accepted into the program. While there, I reestablished my relationship with God and began to regain my self-worth and mental clarity. I found a job again, went back to college, got married to my wife and reestablished healthy relationships with my family. God used Freedom House to save my life and provide a sense of peace and joy that I have never felt before.

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Having a background in teaching and being a lifetime learner, I value empowerment through education and support. I believe in what God is doing through Compassion United and love seeing people reach for their full potential. If you have the heart to invest in changing lives and would like more information about Fresh Start, please contact me today!

Karla Redus
Director of Fresh Start