Empowering Women to Dream Again 

Hosanna House is a safe, stable environment for women seeking positive change in their lives. Many of our residents here have a history of homelessness, addiction, trafficking and abuse, inhibiting them from becoming who they were created to be.
Hosanna House is not a shelter, but rather a home of hope for women in need, and our model reflects that! Our restoration program is uniquely designed to allow each woman an escape from their current situation as they begin the journey of restoring their hope and transforming their future. Each resident receives an individualized plan for success using a multi-phased, holistic approach to wholeness and community.
With a caring staff and incredible volunteers, Hosanna House empowers women to learn to dream again and see those dreams lived out!


We are in continual need of prayer, volunteers and donations to fund things like:

Teaching materials
Transportation expenses
Unexpected repairs

Tia's Story

After my parents passed away within 18 months of each other, my family fell apart. Several years later, I found myself pregnant. The baby’s father told me to have an abortion, or he would not support me in any way. A friend helped connect me to The Joy House, and within three days, I was moved in and given all the help and support I needed. In January of 2012, my daughter, Miabella, was born. Back then, the future did not look so bright. I honestly would have never dreamed of being where I am today, working full time, supporting my family and raising an amazing daughter.

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Terri Watt
Hosanna House Director