There is Hope in the Heartache 

JoyHouse is a safe, nurturing place for expecting mothers to prepare for their sweet babies’ birth. Every year, we support women who have been through extremely difficult situations, including abusive relationships, human trafficking and even rape. Often, the mommies-to-be come to us unsure of how to navigate the hurt and pain they’re experiencing, along with the responsibility of caring for a new life. That’s where we step in!

Whether they choose to raise their child or bless another family through adoption, we come alongside mothers who desire to choose life, providing them the essential resources and support needed to move forward. JoyHouse provides an encouraging community that removes the fear, insecurity and potential shame of their situation.

We have been fortunate to see many women choose to keep their children and raise them as newly confident parents, while others choose the blessing of adoption. In each case, both the mother and child have found new hope and opportunity. We love what we do and would love to serve you or partner with you to help someone else!


Sadly, we lost our home during the flood of Hurricane Harvey. We continue to search for a new residence that will allow us to continue to serve women and their pre-born children.

Would you consider partnering with us to meet this urgent need? We are truly grateful for your generosity in supporting the JoyHouse.

Allie's Story

I came to Hosanna House in the fall of 2018 but did not stay to complete the program. I chose to go back to an unhealthy lifestyle on the streets, but I kept remembering the things I was taught and the relationships I formed. So, in July of 2019, I decided to reenter Hosanna House. This time around, I am working hard to achieve my goals and make the most of this opportunity. I have applied for a scholarship that will help me get certified in dog grooming and eventually become a Veterinary Technician. I am learning to believe in myself again.

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Eva Joy
Director of JoyHouse