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She smelled horrible – a mixture of urine, sweat, dirt and life.  “I’m looking for some pants, I wet on myself and then slept outside and now I’ve got a bad cough – size 16 if you have them please.”

As we checked labels for the correct size I fought back the urge to gag. She truly did smell bad.

I looked around and almost laughed at the contrast between my “shopper” and the fresh, clean faces of the 14 or so girls from Lone Star Cowboy Church that had come to volunteer in the resource room and learn about the CHOP. Downstairs more of their group was sweeping, moping, and cleaning – all part of some kind of spring break mission experience. The girls upstairs laughed and chatted as they hung up shirts, folded jeans and sweaters, and matched shoes which were then placed neatly side by side on a shelf. They rearranged furniture and talked of future plans to hang encouraging scripture verses and other artwork on the walls. They were happy, helpful and very giving of their time and energy.

Meanwhile, my “shopper” friend carried the only pair of size 16 pants and a clean shirt into the bathroom to wash up and change. When she came out she too was smiling. Clean clothes, warm water and a hairbrush had done wonders and she knew it! Just a few small details had made a huge difference and she was so very grateful.

It’s crazy that right here in Conroe, Texas someone could be blessed by something so familiar to you and me, like a pair of pants in the right size or running water, but it’s true. So, what’s my point in this little blurb about “one day in the life of CHOP”?  I’m not really sure other than to let you know that people really are grateful for all the clothes that you have donated, to thank you for the check you sent that paid the water bill, and to encourage you to come out and be like these kids from Lone Star Cowboy Church were – a blessing to others. Come and be a part of the work that’s being done in His name. It can and does make a difference.