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 How it started 

In 2006, Luke and Karla Redus felt a calling to feed the homeless around them. Not sure exactly what to do, they bought five dozen eggs, two 3lb-bags of tater tots, and 200 flour tortillas totaling $27.54. The next day, they loaded up the car with their three boys and some homemade breakfast tacos and headed to downtown Conroe.

They intended to simply follow God’s leading to share His love and some good food with the homeless. But after a few meals under bridges and tossing a football with “Bull” and “Yakity Yak,” they quickly realized that God had bigger plans!

What started as a simple, God-given vision to feed the homeless, Compassion United, has grown into the most comprehensive support ministry in Montgomery County. Now, over a decade later, serving people is still at the heart of all we do yet with a more defined, dynamic purpose to provide outreach, relief and empowerment to those on the fringes of society.

 Speaking Engagements 

Host Luke & Karla to speak at your next event. Spread the word about Compassion United by hosting awareness events in your home, office or church.


 Our Values 

We choose to achieve what we’ve never achieved, dream bigger than we’ve ever dreamed, and learn what we’ve never known. (Eph. 3:20)

We will continually pursue education and experiential encounters with God so that our minds are renewed and our lives are transformed. (Romans 12:2)

We believe the most transformative revelation we can have is what we believe about God and about ourselves. (2 Corinthians 3:18)

We will strive to build strong, supportive relationships that will be a synergistic force between those who are in the church family and those who need the church family. (Hebrews 10:24)

We outdo one another in demonstrating extravagant honor because the level of value we have FOR one another influences the measure of the impact we have ON one another. (Romans 12:10)

Brian’s Story

I have only been at the Freedom House for a short time, but I already feel like the program has radically changed my life for the better. Since my release from prison, I have been searching for a better way. Something outside of violence, drugs and fear inspired behavior. Freedom House has been a supportive and accepting network to explore my new found identity in Jesus. Compassion United has opened doors that otherwise would have never been seen, let alone opened. Through personal examples and scripture, I have been shown that I don’t have to live in guilt and shame. My desire is that one day my life will be about what I may do for others.

 Our Team 

Our team of extraordinary individuals have all answered a calling on their lives to serve the least of these.

Luke Redus

Founder / Executive Director

Karla Redus

Fresh Start Program Director

Savannah Cordell

Fundraiser/Special Events Director

Terri Watt

Transitional Homes Director

Paul Collom

Terry’s Table Food
Pantry Director

Morrisa Collom

Terry’s Table FoodPantry Asst. Director & Volunteer Coordinator

Karen Beene

Mentor Director

Richard & Amy Bryant

Breakfast in the Park Directors

Eva Joy

JoyHouse Director

Daniel Freeman

Freedom House Coordinator

Valerie Craft

Inner Healing Director

Luke & Katie Yagelski

Youth Program Directors

Our team of extraordinary individuals have all answered a calling on their lives to serve the least of these.


 Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors serves to continually define and protect the mission of Compassion United. They provide tangible execution and extensive knowledge to help guide our strategic ministry objectives.

Tom Hauser


Savannah Cordell


Jeff Harris

Director and Treasurer

John Stacy


Jim Fredricks


Jeff Swift


Guy Morgan