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Restoring Hope.
Transforming Futures.

Serving the forgotten, marginalized and hopeless of Montgomery Co. through outreach, relief and empowerment.
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 Restoring Hope 

Approximately 567,715 people are considered homeless on any given night in America; 210,054 sleeping within our streets. These are people just like you and me! Whether it be food, clothing, housing, employment or spiritual guidance, Compassion United’s programs bring tangible relief to those in need. At the same time, we seek to empower and equip them to discover a new life that will restore their hope and transform their future.


 Transforming Futures 

With passionate leadership and vital community partnerships, Compassion United continues to press forward in incredible ways to transform communities by serving their forgotten, marginalized and hopeless. We’ve seen hundreds of people come out of homelessness and addiction to find a new life, and we believe this is just the beginning. With generous partners’ support, we know that we will continue to see lives changed and communities transformed.


 Kenny’s Story

In 2017, Kenny was homeless. He became part of the Compassion United transition program and committed himself to doing whatever was necessary to turn his life around. He took advantage of classes and mentorship programs offered that equipped him for success. In January 2018, Kenny was given an opportunity to work with Consolidated Communications. This opportunity not only provided the financial means necessary to succeed, but also the confidence and the hope that success was possible. Kenny still works for Consolidated Communications today, loving his job and finding deeper meaning in his life. His hope has been restored and his future transformed.

 Miracle City 

A first-of-its-kind, whole-person transformation community for Montgomery County uniquely focused on serving the forgotten, marginalized and hopeless.
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 We’re here for you 

We exist to help empower and equip the forgotten, marginalized and hopeless of our society.


Be a part of lasting change by helping others discover a new life that will restore their hope and transform their future.


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