Conroe House of Prayer

Multi-Purpose Facility Hosting Church Services For The Poor & Homeless

The Overcomers

On the surface, the Conroe House of Prayer (CHOP) is a church for the poor and homeless where they can connect with God and get a free meal six days a week and clothing. However, just as important, we strive to provide something much deeper — a spiritual family.

CHOP is a safe place where those who spend most of their time fighting to survive can find rest, nourishment and essential connections to people who understand them and have their backs. Most of the people who come through our doors have been forgotten and dismissed by society. We desire to change that! We want to get to know them inside and out. Instead of just providing them a service, we want to love them as God loves us! They are our brothers and sisters. They are us, and we are them.

We welcome volunteers who want to join us in caring for the poor and homeless in Montgomery County. It just may be the most rewarding time of your week!



Monday – Friday
Opens at 7am

350 Foster Dr.
Conroe 77301

Worship & Devotional
Coffee & Breakfast

Ashley's Story

After a back injury, I was prescribed pain killers to help me cope with my symptoms. It didn’t take long for the prescription to be insufficient for my pain, and within a few years of buying pills off the street, I found myself on the downward spiral of drug use, which cost me my job, my house and nearly all my possessions. Exhausted from life and with nothing left to give, I applied to Freedom House, and miraculously, I was accepted into the program. While there, I reestablished my relationship with God and began to regain my self-worth and mental clarity. I found a job again, went back to college, got married to my wife and reestablished healthy relationships with my family. God used Freedom House to save my life and provide a sense of peace and joy that I have never felt before.

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If you’d like to know more about the Conroe House of Prayer or get involved with us, please contact me today. God Bless!

Luke Redus

Founder / CEO

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