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Join our community of partners helping transform futures monthly.
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 Help Create Lasting Change 

Legacy Circle consists of our most committed partners who feel led to financially equip the work of Compassion United and leave a legacy worth remembering. This extraordinary group shares the united vision to empower and equip the homeless, hopeless, poor and addicted as they discover a new life that will restore their hope and transform their future.
Legacy Circle partners give monthly, automated donations, helping us plan long-term and budget more efficiently. Together, we are in the pursuit of ending homelessness, breaking the cycle of poverty, and giving the gift of a brighter future to at-risk youth, making our community a stronger, better place to live. Join the Legacy Circle today!

 Why Donate Monthly? 

Most Effective Way to Make a Difference

The ongoing support of monthly donors helps ensure that Compassion United has the resources available to support everyday needs, whether big or small, sustainably.

Easiest, Most Convenient Way to Give

Make one monthly gift today, and know your charitable giving is in place for the rest of the year. If your situation changes, you can change the amount or cancel at any time.

Tailored to You

Find the freedom to make small or large donations or give in a weekly, biweekly or monthly rhythm. Joining the Legacy Circle can fit within any budget or schedule.

Join Our Legacy Circle

 Your Monthly Impact 

$20 / MO

Provides essential program resources

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$50 / MO

Provides 250 meals

Partner At This Level

$100 / MO

Supports a family of five in need

Partner At This Level

$250 / MO

Helps transition one person out of homelessness
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$500 / MO

Provides Miracle City bus service

Partner At This Level

$1,000 / MO

Provides utility expenses for one building at Miracle City

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 Partner Perks 

Be the first to receive updates on individuals and communities you’ve impacted through your generous support.

Get invited to exclusive events to celebrate the change we are initiating and hear the latest vision from our founders.

Enjoy an exclusive welcome gift just for you.

Receive a discount code to our online store.

Expect a surprise, year-end souvenir to show our appreciation.

 Our Legacy Partners

Gabriel's Story

I was 13 years old when Destiny Kids first started their youth programs within the apartment complex where I lived. With not much else to do, I began attending the program and had fun learning about God. I continued being apart for the last five and a half years, and it has drastically impacted my life. Without the volunteers of Destiny Kids, I would not be in tune with God like I am today. I’m now finishing high school and making plans to attend college to pursue marine biology.

Patricia's Story

I moved to Houston after being hired for a new job, but once here, the job fell through. Knowing no one here, I had to live out of my car before relocating to the Salvation Army. I began attending CHOP and met people from Compassion United, who invited me into Hosanna House. During my 11 months there, I found a job, began saving money, and became house coordinator for Hosanna House. I am now happily married and operate my own business. I give all the glory to God for all He has done!

Join the Legacy Circle and Set Your Generosity on Repeat!